A downloadable game for Windows

~Rhythm Cataclysm

~a game by Peaceful Illumination submitted for My First Game Jam
~Programmer.................Brenden Epp
~Graphic Designer/Animator......... Justin Stachowiak
~Music Composition~
~Melody Written By: Justin Stachowiak
~Guitar: Justin Stachowiak
~Bass Line: Cameron Hines

~Mixing: Brenden Epp

~Thanks for playing our game! We're only like 16 and pretty young in game dev career so if you guys have any advice or criticism or whatever we'd love to hear it!

(By the way guys, if you want to check out more art by Justin Stachowiak, go to his flippin tumblr: http://drawinggym.tumblr.com/ )

Install instructions

Download the installer to install the game and get short cuts to it or download the other one to download the single run time application.


Rhythem Cataclysm.exe 19 MB
Rhythem Cataclysm Installer.exe 20 MB

Development log

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